203K Loan Consulting

HUD 203K and Fannie Mae Homestyle loans done right!

Paul Lesieur 
HUD Consultant for Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa
MN D 0864
WI D 1098

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11 years being a 203K and Homestyle loan consultant

HUD # D0184 Minnesota
HUD # D1098 Wisconsin

Call Paul at 612-788-5584

Or paul@203kminnesota.com

It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. That’s why we’re committed to helping home buyers like you, every day.

When you need a HUD or Homestyle loan consultant I can work with you to get that home. I am experienced at working with buyers, contractors, and lenders. Reports in 48 hours.


I'm more than an just a consultant or expert. I'm a friend and confident.

203k loan consultant fees for Minnesota Homeowners

My experience consists of 35 years as a licensed (#BC 20092543) general contractor in residential remodeling. I have certifications in estimating and design and have been involved as well with building projects as both an estimator and project manager..

My ID for 203k is D0864

203K Services and Fees

Consultant fees are set by HUD, they start at $400, and go up depending upon project needs.

Repair Amount
$0- $7500.00- $400.00
$7500- 15,000- $500.00
$15,000- 30,000- $600.00
$30,000- $50,000- $700.00
$50,000- $75,000- $800.00
$75,000- $100,000-  $900.00
$100,000 on up- $1000.00

Draw request inspection fees  depend on mileage.
Time needed for draw request 24 to 48 hours from call.

Work Analysis. We charge $350 for the analysis inspection depending on the amount of rehab cost.

1. Typical response time to meet a borrower for an inspection is 24 to 72 hours.

2. I will travel the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, but am located in the Twin Cities area.

3. I complete the work write up within 24 to 72 hours.

Additional services

We also have a network of contractors, designers, architects, engineers to address most situations, including septic reports and surveys. All these services are on a will call basis.

We also provide you with 100% of the forms you need to add to your 203k or Homestyle loan paperwork to be ready for your lender. The MMW (Maximum Mortgage Worksheet) is the banks responsibility - our role is only to help you to fill in your worksheet with details applicable to the construction work to be performed.

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203k loan success.

203K loans.

203k loans at first appear to be just another service to sell. I thought it was. Then I looked into it.

Why 203k?

203k loans are flexible.

A 203k loan is better because it allows you to purchase a property that needs work. For the proud homeowner the effort you put in after buying a home that needs work results in you getting exactly what you want. Also you get comfort in knowing that your remodeling and appliances are new and up to date.

How do you find a home perfect for a 203K?

There are thousands of Minnesota homes that are perfect for a 203k loan. 203k loans users have purchased properties in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs, all of Minnesota has bank owned and waiting properties that are perfect for someone looking to get a lot of house at a good value.

Who can help you get a 203k property?

Realtors know where the fixer uppers are are so a Realtor would help you, or you may drive by a home for sale that has a sign saying bank owned, this is perfect for a 203k.

Next you get approved by a lender, but make sure they offer the 203k, conventional loans do not allow for repairs.

What will it cost?

A 203k loan allows for a 3.5% down payment, you must have a credit score of 580 minimum, a job, tax returns for 2 years and the cost is about the same as any loan. Every loan is different and although you may pay a slightly higher rate you will get a deal on the home that more than offsets the slight rate increase, or you may find that you get a better rate.

Every loan is unique to the buyers and the property being bought.

A 203k loan can close in 20 to 45 days, some take longer and some go quicker. Count on 2 months or less with the right team behind you.

Do you want to know more?

We have the answers to your questions.

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